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Agent Nationaux

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  • Yeah, it's probably similar for the most part. Was your degree in Accounting?

    Btw congrats on the job offer and Pakistan victory. Great week for you huh? :)
    I feel great! I have big stupid grin on my face even as I type this. As you know, I did not expect Pakistan to fare well. I didn’t think we’d be humiliated or anything, but I thought England would win comfortably. For Pak to start off like this is simply marvelous. Now let’s buckle down because England are going to come back angry and determined.
    Haha, you don't mean that. You want to destroy us in the next Test. :p

    It's hard to get too despondent though - if there's one set of fans that have had to sit through years of pointless drama and who deserve a "boring" team that just wins lots and lots of Tests, then it's Pakistan's.
    I noticed how keen you were to congratulate all the New Zealand fans on the forum when they had win over Australia and I thought it was really nice, so I thought I'd do the same for you now!

    Congrats man!
    Haha, its actual purpose is to test stuff. For example, if you are new to the forum and weren't sure how to create a thread that has a poll, perhaps you would try creating one in the Testing forum. However, now it has become the "irreverent" forum where silly threads are created that wouldn't be allowed in any other sub-forum. :-)
    Don't be daft, I was offering condolences because you'll be stuck working in Bathgate :p
    Nevermind about my questions, saw your post in the What Made Your Day thread. Congrats again!
    You got a job? Congrats man!! Where are you working now?

    It seems we're switching our plans. I don't think I'll be able to watch much of the 1st Test due to various reasons. But I'll be keeping up as much as I can.
    No, not in accounting. Finishing up a double degree in math and finance, and starting work next September in Management Consulting.

    Just read your wall, good luck for the exams and interview!
    Wow, it seems like you have a lot on your plate! Good luck with the exams and the interview call. I hope you do well on both! :-) Don't worry about missing the first Test. You've got your priorities right. And there's plenty of cricket left after that anway.
    Hey man! How goes there? Any luck on the job front?

    We're just days away from the Test series starting. Soooo excited and nervous at the same time.
    It's the same old conflict between the civilian government and the military. Each time the military feels like the civilian government is exercising too much power, they act against the government. The Zardari government is definitely not in the military's good graces. The animosity goes back to the Musharraf years and has only gotten worse. Hussain Haqqani was a fierce critic of the military (he even wrote a book against the institution). The military always felt he (by orders of Zardari) was acting against them and lobbying the US government to take a harsher stand when dealing with them (the military). Memogate probably broke the camel's back and now they're on a full confrontation path with each other. Check out this article for a good analysis: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/12/opinion/pakistans-besieged-government.html?_r=1

    Hope that helps.
    Yeah, the idea of overloading you with infomation is to test how well you sift through stuff. The tests I've done will give you 25-30 pages of infomation, with 90 mins to sift through and write your report (hence why I go for the structure under headings)

    Not seen the type of written exercise you've had though, the ones I've done tended to get you to evaluate projects as one big piece, rather than breaking it down a la yours.

    You'll always come out thinking you've done bad - don't worry yourself too much
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