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Recent content by 33/3from3.3

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    The CW Cup: battle of the association football teams

    Can I still have my second go? If yes - West Bromich Albion
  2. 3

    The CW Cup: battle of the association football teams

    Liverpool Halswell United U17 A team
  3. 3

    Favorite Football (Soccer) Team?

    Hmmmmm, rather.
  4. 3

    Sports Rankings

    EPL Liverpool (Small Gap) WBA (Slightly Larger Gap) Everton (15 other teams, ordered generally on their results favouring Liverpool. These teams are: Arsenal Aston Villa Hull City Portsmouth Bolton Fulham Wigan Athletic Middlesbrough West Ham Utd Stoke City Man City Tottenham...
  5. 3

    Under 17 Womens Football World Cup

    Surely a thread about teenage girls playing a sport, known for its dramas, shouldn't be host to such a cat fight as this....
  6. 3

    Archived [19/01/09] Battrick

    Jon Spicer (1930178) RH Batsman, RM Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, fresh fitness. A cautious player with strong leadership skills and worthless experience. Plays For: Giant Enemy Crabs Nationality: New Zealand Age: 17 Years Old Battrick Rating: 9,405 Wages: £486 p/w...
  7. 3

    Archived [19/01/09] Battrick

    Good week: Gurdeep Chaithanya - 17 yo, BT Rating=12,586 RH Batsman, RM Bowler, superb batting form, strong bowling form, moderate fitness. A cautious player with mediocre leadership skills and worthless experience. Stamina: feeble Wicket Keeping: proficient Batting: competent...
  8. 3

    Olympic football thread

    I see. You never really thought that, did you?
  9. 3

    Official Pro-Wrestling Thread (WWE, TNA, ROH etc.)

    Is that the same "Won't happen" as Orton retaining at Wrestlemania? Or Beth Phoenix winning at that same event? I've not been watching SD! but it seems like it could go either way... I'd tip Edge personally.
  10. 3

    Olympic football thread

    New Zealand play football?
  11. 3

    Twenty20 Finals Day 2009

    In CC, CricketWeb.
  12. 3

    #Link to Testing Forum#

    Do you mean, make those pictures or beat up Police and eat trash.
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    The Buzz Cricketweb Cricket Quiz

    At which New Zealand stadium did Sir Richard Hadlee take his 400th test wicket? A) Lancaster Park, Christchurch B) Carisbrook, Dunedin C) Eden Park, Auckland D) Westpac Stadium, Wellington