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Thread: Best Test batting line-ups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pothas View Post
    England line-up that played when Hutton made his 364 is quite handy.

    B. Edrich
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    Quote Originally Posted by doesitmatter View Post
    Windies....Haynes/ Greenidge/Richards/Kallicharan/Rowe/Llyod..ooph some line up..1979-80..Look at the bowlers as well..Great Team overall

    2nd Test: Australia v West Indies at Melbourne, Dec 29, 1979 - Jan 1, 1980 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo
    Yeah that's really the only one of the Windies line ups from the 80s which stands out to me as flat out brilliant when you assess the players individually, though I don't think Rowe probably ended up being as great as he ought to have.

    Once you started getting the Hoopers and Logies in the team the line up wasn't as all-round good as the one you posted imo. Still some utter guns but the lesser players in the line ups weren't as good imo. Mind you, Dujon came in and was good enough to bat at six so that was a bonus to them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Days of Grace View Post
    Interestingly, the best New Zealand lineup I have seen went to England in 2004 and just didn't fire as a unit:

    Plus Vettori was at 9.

    Those tests were interesting as we weren't horrible, we just couldn't seal the deal.

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    I quite liked the Australian line-up in the 1993 Ashes:

    1. Taylor
    2. Slater
    3. Boon
    4. M. Waugh
    5. Border
    6. S. Waugh
    7. Healy

    Rock solid, albeit against Deadly Dev and friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LongHopCassidy View Post
    I quite liked the Australian line-up in the 1993 Ashes:

    1. Taylor
    2. Slater
    3. Boon
    4. M. Waugh
    5. Border
    6. S. Waugh
    7. Healy

    Rock solid, albeit against Deadly Dev and friends.
    Yeh, I liked the '89 Ashes team as well.

    - Taylor
    - Marsh
    - Boon
    - Border
    - Jones
    - S. Waugh
    - Healy

    Funny how certain eras stick in your memory. I was 12 at the time!

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