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View Poll Results: Who's better Daniel Vettori or Monty Panesar?

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Thread: Daniel vettori or Monty Panesar?

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    International Captain cover drive man's Avatar
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    Daniel vettori or Monty Panesar?

    Whos a better spin bowler? Not taking batting and fielding into account.
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    International Coach PhoenixFire's Avatar
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    Hmmm. Vettori in ODIs, without a shadow of a doubt. In Tests it is slightly more difficult, I'd say they are about even ATM.
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    Vettori by a million miles in ODIs and a fairly small margin in Tests.

    MSP can probably spin the ball a little bit more (not as much as some seem to think) and Vettori is currently a far more skillful flight bowler.

    That could change as MSP is 3 years younger than DLV, but right now it's the Kiwi man every time.
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    Panesar in tests just, but it's a non-question really because Vettori's whole package is infinitely superior so would go for him if I where picking a team every time.
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    Vettori for mine, although the 10p tax band was too hard to resist.
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    Any coincidence Im in a bad mood IRL and my broken arm is killing me and Im doing a lot of criticism of bowlers today?

    Anyway, Id take Monty as a Test bowler but I have a relatively low opinion of both as Test match bowlers.
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    U19 Cricketer S.P. Fleming's Avatar
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    Dan by a mile, in both forms, althought he is not the biggest turner of the ball, his flight and variation is amazing, monty is still developing as a spin bowler and should get better.
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    I actually chose Monty - i assumed this was tests

    I feel Monty is more of a wicket taker so i chose him

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    I'd always choose Monty in test cricket.
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    International 12th Man Debris's Avatar
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    I cannot think of any possible circumstance under which I would pick Monty over Vettori.

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    Cricketer Of The Year Manee's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goughy View Post
    but I have a relatively low opinion of both as Test match bowlers.
    Watching Monty bowl, he seems pretty average - but he does get the returns in the end.

    (PS: Could you please check out my clips in the coaching forum (in the stickied thread), if it is not too any trouble whatsoever)
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    International Regular shortpitched713's Avatar
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    As a Test match bowler, I would have to go Monty.

    Little hard on Monty to compare him to as established a ODI bowler as Vettori, but Vettori is miles ahead in that category at this stage.

    Went by the normal CW rule and assumed the OP was talking about Tests as it was not stated otherwise.
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    International Coach Bahnz's Avatar
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    Monty. Vettori has better control, but Monty turns it more and has a better disguised arm ball.

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    International Captain Migara's Avatar
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    Vettori all the way. Panesar was useless even on spinning tracks last time he came to SL. Vettori would have done much better than that gainst good players of spin if he had the same conditions and have done well in the past as well)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Debris View Post
    I cannot think of any possible circumstance under which I would pick Monty over Vettori.
    Ditto. Obviously am biased towards Vettori so trying to put that aside, IMO his bowling experience and ability in all forms of the game are currently superior to Panesar.

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