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Thread: The English Crowd

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    what is the meaning of this?
    Quote Originally Posted by ripper868 View Post
    Terrible form, all involved can **** off and die.
    Yeah, that's crazy. Why exactly wasn't it reported here though?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    True, a Duffer "heh" is like 50 likes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duffer View Post
    Yeah, that's crazy. Why exactly wasn't it reported here though?
    probably not as audible as what a barmy army chant is so probably went unnoticed by most would be my guess.

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    Or they were speaking Jaapie.
    WWCC - Loyaulte Mi Lie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Got_Spin View Post
    I don't see Ponting complaining at all...? Isn't it mainly the officials
    Yeah, big deal is made out of this by the officials, to Ponting's credit he hasn't made much fuss about such issues, but people just tend to blame him for everything, because afterall he is captain grumpy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pothas View Post
    Yeah he was an obnoxious toad if ever I saw one, of course he would be the sort to complain about the sort of crowd mentioned in this thread. I do actually find that the most rude individuals are often his type, worst customers are always middle age women of a certain class. To be fair though the atmosphere that day was generally superb, a cricket crowd at its very best.
    Yeah I would absolutely agree. It was in fact probably the best atmosphere I have ever experienced at any sporting event I've attended come to think of it.

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