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Devil Ducky: February 2008
Date Subject
10 Feb 2008 Cricket's Latest Heavyweight
03 Feb 2008 A Winter's Tale
Devil Ducky
At huge personal expense and displaying great moral fortitude, we fly in the face of danger in order to bring you, each and every week, the truth* behind the stories, personalities and characters that make cricket the great game it is today.

*Not everything you read in this column may be 100% accurate. Some facts have been changed to protect the innocent.
Recent Comments
Yaju Arya
Get well soon Uncle, we all love you a lot and miss your articles heavily!
Hope everything is ok mate.
Dear Monsigniori Ducky, I can assure you that New Zealand is renowned for its lightweight pie cru
Devil Ducky
Mr Speed (see comment below): Thank you for your erudite, illuminating and educating c
Yaju Arya
"Harbhajan Singh and Monty Panesar replied in unison "These are not bandages, Mr Cricket - they are
Haha - Devil Ducky is awesome. Is it too much to hope for Mr Flat (full name Flat-Track-Bully - cla
Hmmm... I'm not convinced that Jesse Ryder is dense enough to "create{s} a momentary indentation in
James Wilson
Bravo lol