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The five greatest Ashes ads

Zac Gelman | 3:09pm gmt 05 Jul 2009
Unlike some of its sporting counterparts, cricket hasn't always had the greatest advertising campaigns, however over the past few years this has changed for the better. In the lead up to the first test, Ashes HQ present the top five Ashes and Ashes related advertisments of the past few years.

5. 2006/07 Channel 9 Ashes Promo

A play on the infamous 'Where the bloody hell are you?' campaign, this ad gets into the top five for Pom soap jokes and for Lara Bingle enacting every cricketer's greatest fantasy.

4. 2009 Sky Ashes Promo

I'll be back!

It gets a bit cheesy towards the end and is let down by a cricketer's fundamental inability to act, but a great idea nonetheless.

3. VB Boon & Warne

This ongoing campaign has been a bit hit and miss, though these are two of the best:

Any ad which advocates placing David Boon in a museum next to Phar Lap deserves to make the list.

The baby Warne creeps me out, but I can't stop laughing at the image of Warne victims living out their days in a padded room in an mental institution.

2. Big Warnie

What's the one thing that's better than Shane Warne? A giant Shane Warne, of course. The faces of the bemused onlookers are absolutely priceless.

1. Budweiser Ashes 2005 ad


This ad sums up the 2005 euphoria. It's a complicated game with complicated rules and a complicated history, but who cares? England won, let's celebrate!

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