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The most famous cricket teams in the world

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world and without a doubt it is the most followed and loved sport in Asia and in many countries of the Commonwealth. According to Bettingsider24, cricket is followed by more than 2.5 billion people all over the world and in some countries such as India cricket is a real religion. 

Being a professional cricket player can really change a person’s life in such countries, becoming real superstars, on the same level as Bollywood actors or international footballers.  Cricket is followed not only by the people living in those countries, but also by the many expats around the world. The Indian community, for example, is very present in every corner of the world and the vast majority of them actively follow cricket.

What then are the most popular national cricket teams in the world? Let’s analyze some statistics to answer this question.

India – The most popular national cricket team in the world

At the top of this ranking we find without a doubt the Indian national cricket team. We know that cricket in India is more than a sport, indeed, it can be considered a real religion, widespread in large cities or even in the most rural corners. The Indian cricket team can count on about 40 million supporters, not only in the country, but also all over the world. Indian supporters don’t miss a single cricket match, wherever they are.

Virat Kohli is certainly the most important cricketer in India and in the world. Kohli is currently the captain of the Indian national cricket team and is a true superstar in the international cricket circus.

Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan – More than 20 million fans

The neighboring countries of India are also following the trend. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka consider cricket to be the national sport and most of the population follows cricket actively. In these three countries, almost 21 million fans support their national teams (10.7 in Bangladesh, 6.8 in Pakistan and 3 in Sri Lanka).

Cricket is also a very popular sport in South Africa, due to the dual influence of British and Indian cultures, which are very present in the country. The South African cricket nation can count on the support of nearly 5 million fans

New Zealand and Australia  – How popular is cricket in Oceania?

Cricket is also very popular in Oceania, both in Australia and in New Zealand. The two countries have a certain thing for British sports like rugby and also excel in cricket. Cricket is followed by 3.6 million fans in Australia, while there are nearly 2 million fans in New Zealand.

The Australian national cricket team holds the record for World Cup victories, having won the trophy 5 times. 

England and Ireland  – What about the European cricket national teams

In England cricket is very popular, despite having a much lower number of followers than football. There are about 4 million English who practice and follow cricket assiduously. The English national cricket team is currently the World Cup holder, having won the last edition in 2019.

Cricket is also very popular in Ireland, with around 1 million followers: however, it should be noted that there are around 5 million people in Ireland! In fact, according to statistics, one in five Irishmen consistently follow cricket and the matches of the Irish national team..


I grew up in Ireland and I can guarantee you cricket does not have close to 1 million followers. I would say you would be lucky if 100 thousand had any interest in it.

Comment by Frank Reilly | 9:52pm BST 3 July 2021

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