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Cricket History

Cricket is the second most followed sport in the world, born in England in its modern form, it is mostly practiced in the Commonwealth countries: Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and in the English-speaking Caribbean. Let’s check some facts and datas, as mentioned on


It is said that it was the Flemings who brought cricket to England in the 1300s and the first reference is in a 1597 quote from coroner John Derrick who claimed to play cricket while studying at the Royal Grammar School in Guildford towards the 1550.

The hypotheses on the origin of the word cricket derive from krick which in the Flemish language means “stick” and in 1700 the game developed to become a national sport spreading throughout the colonial empire of England.

Currently the effective members of the International Cricket Council are ten countries: Asia is represented by four countries of the Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka); Africa for two (South Africa and Zimbabwe); Oceania from two others (Australia and New Zealand); Europe from England and finally America from only one (West Indies). Only in these 10 nations is Test cricket played, that is the game in its original form, characterized by matches that can last up to five days.

Television needs contributed to the success of One Day International, a game with the same rules as the Test but with a limited number of overs per team. Officially in the sixties the first international match (ODI) was held in 1971 between Australia and England, while in 1975 the first Cricket World Cup was played.

In 2003, the professional league adopted a version of the game called Twenty20, so defined because each team has only one innings and can beat a maximum of 20 overs. This way of playing is currently the favorite of the major leagues in the world, as the duration of the matches is reduced to about 3 hours so televisions can schedule live footage. A Twenty20 World Championship has been held since 2007.


The international body that governs cricket is the International Cricket Council (ICC), founded on June 15, 1909 by England, Australia and South Africa, from birth located in London but which moved in August 2005 to the United Arab Emirates in Dubai.

Currently seven other nations have joined to form Full Members who are automatically qualified for the Word Cup held every 4 years. There are Associate Members made up of 34 nations and another 60 nations forming Affiliate Members for a total of 104 countries where cricket is practiced. 

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