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The best cricket players in 2021

Ranking a cricket player is not really easy and you must consider many different aspects. Of course the die-hard fans of cricket already have their favourite cricketer in their personal ranking, based on the team they support and their favourite skill. Some prefer strength rather than speed, others stamina, others rank the ability of scoring.  

You can use different parameters to judge a cricketer; some cricket experts rank cricket players based on their performance and datas on a single match while others analyze their performances over their entire career to have a complete overview over the player’s statistics. 

There are so many established cricket players on the scene, but others are really shining right now becoming worldwide standout stars. Who are the best cricket players in 2020? Read this article to find the best shining stars in the cricket scene at the moment.

Virat Kohli

Cricket in India is more than a sport, we all know: it is part of a secular tradition and cricketers in India are real stars, on a par with football players in Europe. If you are an Indian cricket fan, for sure you already know about Virat Kohli, one of the best cricketers at the moment.

Kohli is currently the captain of the India national team after his debut in 2011.At the moment he is considered one of the best batsmen in the cricket world and one of the best players in 2020 thanks to his performances.

Stuart Christopher John Broad

Stuart Christopher John Broad is, at the moment, one of the best cricket players in England and he has been awarded with the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire), currently playing test cricket for the England national team.

He had his debut back in 2007 and he is also a former T20 and ODI test captain and having plenty of experience on the cricket ground he is one of the most expert cricket players in England.

Steven Peter Devereux Smith

From India, to England, to Australia, the third cricket player on our list is The first cricket Steven Peter Devereux who is the former captain of the Australian national team. S.P.D Smith is the top batsman in Australian since his debut in 2010.

Despite his age (he is “only” 31 year old) Steven Peter Devereux Smith is a very experienced cricket player and one of the best players of his generation. 

Jason Holder

Countries that usually have less importance in the worldwide sport scene, can lead the rankings in cricket. For example Barbados is a leading national team in cricket and for sure Jason Holder is the best player at the moment for the Caribbean country. 

He is the current captain of the West Indies Cricket team and has experience as an ODI captain. At the moment Jason Holder is the captain for the West India team and he is well known all around the world for his great performances.  


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