Sinclair to accept NZC contract

Mathew Sinclair has told The Dominion Post he intends on accepting the NZ$45,000 NZC contract after he was named by NZC as the replacement for Hamish Marshall after he opted to continue his career with English county side Gloucestershire.

Sinclair had the following to say to the The Dominion Post “There is every likelihood I’ll accept. I’ll have a wee think but at the moment it looks likely I’ll take it on and probably there are no excuses this time with eight tests so the ball is back in my court.”

Sinclair backed Marshall’s decision to head off to Gloucestershire where he would be likely to earn triple what he was earning with NZC saying “It’s hard going up and down financial ladders and I don’t blame Marshy (Marshall) for what he has done. I’d do the same thing in his situation.”

The Dominion Post understand that Sinclair was not the first choice as the replacement for Hamish Marshall, with the selection panel being asked to re-think their decision by the players association.

The selection panel came back with Mathew Sinclair as their choice which was accepted by the players association. It was thought Daryl Tuffey or Craig Cumming were the initial names being considered by the selection panel.

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