Lynette Waugh out of hospital

The wife of former Australian captain Steve Waugh has been released from hospital after having life saving brain surgery.

In statement released by Steve Waugh, he said Lynette was making “wonderful progress” after being rushed to hospital nine days ago to remove a blood clot caused by a brain haemorrhage.

“We are indebted to Dr Charlie Teo, and all the staff at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital for their compassion and professionalism. Thank you.”

“The last week has certainly been a time of deep emotion and reflection for me.

“You look at your life and it brings all your values into focus. You are simply and instantly willing to give back any and all achievements to change the circumstances.”

After a series of tests, doctors believe Lynette suffered a spontaneous cerebral haemorrhage and she is likely to require years of on-going tests.

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