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Brian Lara International Cricket 2007

Codemasters have released a series of further information on Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 which is due for release March 2007.

A few interesting bits of information have been released:

  • We’re currently going through and readjusting all of the sunblock and sunglasses in the game, so Symonds will look have his crazy full-on sun sunblock if he recovers to make the world cup squad list.

  • Sounds were recorded at several internationals, including the Pakistan vs World XI Twenty20 cricket match at The Oval (the earthquake appeal charity match).

  • There are a variety of new player shouts (HOWZAT!!! NICE ONE!! CATCH IT!! TOP BOWLING!! RUN!! etc) recorded for the game in a variety of different accents (English, Australian, Indian, West Indies). They add quite a lot of atmosphere and character.

  • And the umpires’ clothing will appear differently for the CWC mode of the game – more on this soon…

    The following questions have also been answered:

    The online match formats – what are available?
    All match types that feature in the game will be playable online, from a quick six-over ODI through to a full test match.

    Can we play test matches online? If so can we save?
    As mentioned above, dedicated users will be able to play out a test match or even a 16-team test tournament online, but the possibility of synchronisation errors means we’ve had to disable mid-match saves online, so don’t start a test unless you’ve got a few hours spare! Of course you can still save between matches when in online tournaments, and if playing offline you can save between overs.

    What tournaments are available online?
    All tournaments that appear in-game can be played online, from a four-team test league to the full ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 and the ICC Champions Trophy 2006. It’s going to be fun!

    What rankings are available online?
    Xbox Live play will contain both ranked and social leaderboards, using ICC stats, to see if you’re the best player in the world – it’s the official way of ranking countries so we knew we had to have it for our game.

    Can we use created players in non-ranked matches?
    No, unfortunately we can’t as it’s currently against Microsoft regulations to allow user-created content such as Custom Players or Squads to be transferred over Xbox Live.

    What’s the punishment for those who disconnect on purpose?
    We don’t like these people! Anyone who prematurely exits a match will forfeit that result, and lose ranking points accordingly.

    Can we have more players in an online match, for example play 2v2?
    Sadly the potential for lag, sync and griefing issues mean we’ve had to limit online play to 1 v 1 this time around, unfortunately. But we guarantee it’ll still be fun to play 1v1 across the net! You can still play co-op (2 v 2) in offline matches of course

    Is stat tracking included online?
    Time constraints and a desire to keep the Xbox and PC versions consistent with the PS2 (where storage space is very limited) have prevented us from producing the kind of detailed stats tracking that would please any budding Bill Frindalls out there.

    Can we play the Xbox 360 game against a PC opponent online?
    In order for games to be cross-platform compatible between Xbox and Windows, the PC version must be submitted to Microsoft and pass their “Games for Windows” certification process.

    Since we were already well into development when Microsoft announced this, it was too late to add this feature unfortunately. Hopefully we’ll have this in place for any future game as it’s a feature we’re excited to see implemented.

    Spectator mode – is this still going ahead?
    This is one change that’s had to be implemented since the press release was sent out – sadly Spectator mode has had to be ditched due a lack of time to implement it successfully. So you’ll just have to play online instead of watching other gamers!

    Will anyone be able to setup a gaming server and run matches off it? Will online play include online competitions, etc?
    You’ll be able to play LAN games, 360 Live games, and you can also play on Gamespy Arcade. There’s no reason why players can’t organise matches by connecting to a host IP across the Internet, but a game does need the host to kick off a match or tournament round.

    We’ve not made plans for official competitions yet, but may do so further down the line. You’ll be able to organise your own unofficial tournaments though!

    What Live achievements will be available in the Xbox360 game?
    The achievements are in there and you should be able to work your way through them with practice, all are achievable. They’re based such things as grabbing wickets (hat-tricks, for example), scoring half or full centuries, scoring six sixes in the same over, or getting six boundaries in an innings – and many more. They’re all a lot of fun!

    Finally, can we play online against someone who has a different version of the game (for example the Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 game vs. the Ricky Ponting or Yuvraj Singh versions)?
    Yes, that’s absolutely fine. All three Xbox versions (Lara, Ponting, and eventually Yuvraj Singh when the Xbox Live service is activated in India) will be compatible (and the same with the two PC versions as well), so you’ll be able to replay the Ashes against players across the cricketing world – and sledge them too!

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