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International Cricket Captain

Various details of the upcoming release of International Cricket Captain 2009 have been made publicly available which includes information on new features in this release, three screenshots and the box shot.

Below are the details we are aware of:

Announcement of Rights

Childish Things are pleased to announce that they have negotiated the full rights to the International Cricket Captain series. Following the unfortunate fate of publishers Empire Interactive, who went into administration last month the rights to the game were in dispute. Owing to the many messages of support and overwhelming interest in the new game, Childish Things managed to secure the full rights to the game.

Player of the Game

Phil Hughes is the face of International Cricket Captain 2009.

Release Formats

We are also please to announce that the game will be released in two formats once again this year – a CD version as well as a downloadable one.


The new game will feature the Twenty20 World Cup, both ingame and as a standalone feature. To coincide with this, there has been major restructuring to the Twenty20 game engine to produce more realistic scores.

There will not be any new playable leagues this year unfortunately due to a lack of time and resources, however there have been some major changes regarding the teams for each player (they now have NH and SH teams inside the game database as well as IPL – which will also mean county players will be unavailable if on IPL duty),

New features and updates include:

* The most accurate statistical database of world cricketers currently available in any video game.

* Updated online offering with brand new T20 game mode.

* New high resolution interface allows greater access to captaincy-crucial information and enhances your cricket viewing experience.

* Integrated field-setting editor to allow you to take even more charge as captain of your favourite county or country.

* Wider camera angle in highlights with improved shot selection and fielding.

* New game modes include: 2009 and historic Ashes series and the T20 World Cup.

* Greatly improved match screen with detailed graphics for more on-the-fly captaincy decisions.

* Improved AI and match engine realism for twenty over matches ensures higher scoring, more aggressive games.

* Log of training days allocated to a player to help you keep track of your development.

* Text information on player improvements from technique training.

* More statistics than ever, with the last 2 years now saved and available to view at any time.

* More accurate player names with common names used.

* Improved player ability generation ensures more longevity than any previous ICC game.

* Improved team selection, including the AI making more use of spinners.

* Long term test and ODI AI picks improved.

* AI bidding improvement to create more balanced teams and more competition for top players.

* Ability to declare during intervals.

* AI for close finishes and twenty over matches improved for more nail-biters.

* Batting aggression realism improved, to reflect real matches.

* Fielding engine enhanced to give greater accuracy and boost highlights watching.

* New in-game tips to help you master the game.

* Auto-simulation removes the need for clicking next over ? sit back and relax as the cricket unfolds in front of your eyes.

View the screenshots here.

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