Gas leak drama in Trinidad

South Africa and Pakistan players were evacuated from the Hilton Hotel in Trinidad because of a blast caused by a gas leak earlier today.

Security staff at the Hilton had to knock on players doors individually to get them to leave the building.

The South African players decided to leave the scene in buses and limousines, while the Pakistan team waited in the car-park until the all clear was given.

Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi commented to reporters on the drama saying “I have no idea what happened. I had just woken up when the security man knocked on the door and said ‘get out of the room’.”

Afridi went onto say “but I went back to sleep. Then he knocked again, and said ‘get out of the room’. Then I did and went downstairs. I heard there was a fire on the eighth floor.”

The Hilton’s safety and security manager Peter Quammie said “Emergency forces are trying to work out exactly what happened. We’re not totally clear on the status of the emergency. We’re trying to establish that.”

The Canadian and Irish teams were not affected due to both sides being out for a training session.

Three members of the Hotel staff were taken to hospital but no players required treatment.

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