Cricket Coach - June 03 Interview

We at Cricket Web have conducted a followup interview with Oli Norwell about his upcoming game Cricket Coach.

The questions and Oli’s responses can be read below.

Is there a player editor? From Robert (

Oli: Yes there is a player editor; it will be released as part of the game. This should encourage fans of the series to create their own databases, and release them for others to play with.

Will the game contain stats at the start? From Eddy Blaxell (

Oli: This is something that’s being looked into, the likelihood is that some players will come complete with up to date averages, and others won’t (simply because accurate information is unavailable).

Will training and youth scouts be implemented into the game? From Graham du Plessis (

Oli: Currently the player search system allows for you to keep tabs on individual players you are interested in, it may be altered to simulate some sort of ‘youth scout’ mode. Whereby you employ a scout and he reports back to you. I’ll look into it. Training is automatic; in-game tactics however require a lot of thought.

Can you play World Cup mode? From Robert (

Oli: Currently you’re able to setup your own tournament and play through that, therefore it’s possible to create a tournament that replicates the World Cup. If enough time is available before the release of the game then a World Cup mode may be added.

Who are the commentators on your game? From Mark O’Meara (

Oli: The commentary is text based, to employ people to actually read the commentary out loud would take a very long time, and would make the game very slow to play.

What will be the possible system requirements? From Rajesh (
Oli: Likely system requirements are a Pentium 300 with 32MB Ram, running at least Windows 98.

How many years will it last? From Robert (

Oli: 30 Seasons. Though this may increase after the game goes through the testing phase.

Will there be too many 6’s like MVCC? From Paul Spencer (

Oli: The match engine is always in development, the aim is to make it as real as possible. So no, the number of sixes appearing in the game will be realistic.

Can you buy any overseas player? From Ian Musgrave (

Oli: Yes, you can approach any player in the game. Whether you get him or not is another matter!

Will there be more rain delays like real life from Paul Spencer (

Oli: The rain delay code has been redone, I’m confident you will find the new system far more realistic and believable.

Will the D/L rain calculations be included? From Paul Spencer (

Oli: This depends on whether I can find the correct information.

Are there more player attributes and parameter’s compared to MVCM? From Graham du Plessis (

Oli: Yes a few have been added, more on this nearer the release date. They include hidden attributes that should spice the game up a bit, one being an attribute that reflects how good at fitting into a team a player is.

Will Cricket Coach be coming out for Xbox? From Navish Kenth (

Oli: No.

Are there young players (real or not) available to come into the respective teams? From Pen (

Oli: This depends on whether I can find the correct information.Yes, young real players are included in the game and have the potential to blossom into world stars if nurtured properly. There are also new young players generated at the start of each season.

Will the local competitions be involved in this game? From Hasan Mobeen (

Oli: Yes, as with MVCM. All first-class domestic competitions and major one day tournaments are included in the game.

Will the graphics be better than in ICC? From Pen (

Oli: Probably not, though it shouldn’t be to far off. Remember though its how fun a game is to play that makes it a good game, not its flashy graphics!

Will it be available in N.Z? From Ryan (

Oli: This is yet to be decided, but it will certainly be available in N.Z. through mail-order, so you will be able to get it.

Will there be World Cup staged every 3-4 years? ICC does not do this. From Travis (

Oli: Yes certainly, as with MVCM, World Cup’s are simulated every fours years in the correct countries (i.e. West Indies 2007).

How to bowl leg cutter? How to off cutter? How to bowl inswinger? How to bowl outswinger? How to play a straight drive? From Hariharan.S (

Oli: I take it you mean in the game, as against real life. There are multiple options in the game to select the type of ball bowled. Each bowler has his own settings dialog that is used to select line/length etc.

Will it be released on all platforms? From Shiv (

Oli: Yes, the rules regarding the transfers of overseas players will be more accurately represented in this version.

HI! I just wanted to ask you if you could put the Italian cricket team, and some club, please….? From Leandro (

Oli: Lol!. Some Italian players might make it, and the national side will feature in the ICC Trophy.