Flintoff worries over ankle

England star all-rounder Andrew Flintoff is expected to have problems with his left ankle for the rest of his playing career.

Flintoff told the Manchester Evening News, that “there is a possibility that I’ll have to continue with my rehab programme until I retire from the game.”

Flintoff went on to say, “If that’s the case then I’ll just have to grin and bear it. That would be a small price to pay for continuing to play cricket for a living.”

“I’ve got absolute faith in my physio Dave Roberts and the specialist who performed the latest operation on my ankle,” he added.

Flintoff had an operation on his left ankle last month and says he has “complete confidence that if I follow the rehabilitation guidelines to the letter I will be fully fit for the Ashes series.”

Flintoff will start running again early month and it will be hoped by all involved that he doesn’t have any setbacks on his road back to the England team.

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