Cricket Coach 1.03 Demo Release

Cricket Coach

Rockingham Software have made another version of Cricket Coach available, which fixes more problems found with the game.

It can be downloaded here.

This version won’t time out after 3 days or 15 uses, but only allows play for 2 months as an English county, or as either England or Sri Lanka.

Cricket Coach – Version History

Version 1.03

+ Improved layout of match screen. Added scores from each innings and allowed user to click on score to view innings

+ Vastly improved compatibility with various PC configurations

+ Improved scroll bars. Left mouse button to scroll one at a time. Right mouse button for fast scroll

+ Added score summary at end of each day and end of match

+ Updated various players, added various players

+ Fixed length of National League games

+ Fixed small glitch on series screen

+ Changed most fonts from italic to non-italic

+ Fixed crash bug on competition screen when viewing player stats

+ Added code to ensure drawn test matches aren’t decided on first innings score.

+ Fixed Australian first class domestic competition points system.

+ Fixed bug where players would be injured even if currently playing a match.

+ Fixed bug with domestic finals occasionally not being scheduled.

+ Added correct points system for South African domestic one day competition.

+ Fixed bug where overseas limit was being forgotten when a game was saved and reloaded.

+ Fixed bug where current spell and innings information were the same on the bowler tactics screen.

+ Added new rules for English domestic competitions to bring them in line with 2006 season.

+ Fixed database error with Lancashire being in the second division of the county championship. (appeared in 1.02)

+ Fixed issues with the game crashing during saving and loading.

+ Fixed issue with save game becoming very bloated

+ Improved issue with slowdown on match screen.

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