CA bans the Mexican wave

Cricket Australia has announced that the Mexican wave has been banned across all international grounds in Australia.

Cricket Australia said any spectator standing up in co-ordinated sections and raising their arms in the air would be immediately ejected from the tri-series match between New Zealand and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday.

CA chief executive James Sutherland said in press release “the behaviour of fans at the cricket this summer, so far, has improved significantly and while the wave itself is harmless, unfortunately the associated throwing of objects in the air is not.”

“At best, thrown objects cause discomfort such as being drenched with beer or plastic cups full of urine but at worst they cause injuries to other spectators and that’s not a risk we’re prepared to take anymore.

“We were disappointed that ordinary fans, not just the small minority of hoons (hooligans) who were thrown out at the last match at the MCG, felt that it was acceptable to throw things in the air when the Mexican wave started.”

Sutherland said any fan who is caught throwing an object would face an instant on the spot AU$210 fine and video footage, photos, and plain clothed police among the crowd would be used to inforce the ban.

At this stage the banning is only for one-day internationals but Sutherland said it was likely to apply for Test matches as well from next season.

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