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A Season of Promise and Anticipation


You have to excuse me for my lack of blog writings of lately. Busy with changing nappies and wielding my bat for CD and a NZ call up have all made this season an enjoyable and promising one.


Cricket: Anything Can Happen


This year will be another challenge for me with a busy schedule coupled with my benefit year and a book launch in the new year. It will be like all the other years before me and the prospect of playing against some very strong teams and a likely chance of representing my country still sits high on my agenda. Consistency has always been every player’s goal and that reality for me was evident last year and even more of a challenge is to back it up this year.


Dare to Believe


The Black Caps have given themselves every opportunity to go on and do the unthinkable and take out this year’s Champions Trophy. I am not going to predict a winner, all I want to see is a great game and the best team winning on the day. It should be great viewing and even more reason why one day cricket should stick around.


NZ take on the world


There should be no reason why the Black Caps can’t take out this year’s inaugural ICC World Twenty20 campaign in England. Their pre season form with players over in the IPL and warm up games have given them a great opportunity to build from this and better their last effort.


English Dominance


This winter I am unsure of my next professional commitment, a lot of exciting prospects are ahead, expecting a baby and also a book that won’t be far way from being on the shelves. So watch this space with developments on all of these things. Till next time.


The One That Got Away


It was a great case for the Black Caps to upset the world champs in their home territory but experience and a bit of Aussie determination foiled their attempts.

So where to from now is the headache that faces this Black Caps team with the Indian series just around the corner.