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International Cricket Captain 2012 Review

International Cricket Captain 2012

Having recently sat down to review the most recent installment in the Cricket Coach franchise, it’s now time for me to get to grips with a different kettle of fish. The International Cricket Captain games are no stranger to me, for indeed, I spent many hours in the evenings of my school days acquainting myself […]


Cricket Coach 2012 Review

Cricket Coach 2012

It was just over twelve months ago that I sat down to write the Cricketweb review for Cricket Coach 2011. Whilst my overall impressions of the game were very positive, it was prevented from being truly great by a few small niggles which let it down. A year on and I’m sitting down again, this […]


Cricket Coach 2011 Review

Cricket Coach 2011

As an avid fan of cricket and sports management sims, it’s perhaps strange that until recently I had never before picked up a copy of any game from the Cricket Coach series. Despite hearing positive things from various sources I was determined to stick with what I knew and continued to play each the version […]