Ashes Cricket 2009 – Version 1.1 Open Beta

Ashes Cricket 2009

Transmission Games, the developers of Ashes Cricket 2009 have released a public beta patch for testing by people who have the PC version of the game.

The changes include:

Online Changes

* Included a new 5-star ‘Matches Completed’ rating that aims to highlight the reliability of playing against yourself and that of your opponent.

* A connection quality indicator.

* Leaderboards now update during match progress, even if you do not complete your match.

* Changes to help reduce ball hovering in online games.

Single Player Changes

In addition to the online changes, some changes have been made to single player:

* The difficulty of normal mode batting is now harder than in Open Beta 1 (now half way between normal and hard in Open Beta 1).

* Fixed an issue with bowler’s stamina.

* Adjusted the power fall off curves for lofted shots.

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