Another Cricket Coach Release

Cricket Coach

Rockingham Software have made another version of Cricket Coach available, which fixes more problems found with the game.

It can be downloaded here.

Below is a full listing of all the bug fixes.

Cricket Coach – Version History

Version 1.02 – Released 5th April 2006

Match engine

+ Stopped batsman from walking off if a no ball was called when a wicket is taken

+ Improved logic for how hard batsman should run dependent on aggression

+ Added fielding restrictions to limited over matches

+ Adjusted match engine, as a result one day matches are now better balanced, and should give more realistic results


+ Fixed empty information boxes in match view

, if they appear they will dissapear straight away

+ Fixed links on player side panel so that with change of batting order they still point to correct player

+ Fixed issue with hearing noise of bat on ball then getting lbw decision

+ Made it so fielders don’t always bother running for ball going for four

+ Added code to ensure when going from competition fixtures screen to match and back you go back straight to fixtures screen

+ Fixed bug where player search screen was forgetting what filters were put on. This now works almost perfectly bar one or two little issues.

+ Fixed bug where when playing as in a first class match some other matches weren’t being launched

+ Fixed new bug where England tests weren’t being played

+ Fixed obscure crash bug on news screen

+ Fixed bug where in the second season England’s next match was always wrong…

+ Fixed an obvious but possibly recurring crash bug with the code that checks for a valid team selection

+ Fixed big bug with news meaning World Cup squad confirmation news wasn’t being reported.

+ Fixed issue with teams declaring in 4/5 day matches and leaving opponents a really low target, like 20 off 4 overs.

+ Fixed several issues with transfer system

+ Changed Queensland abbreviation from QSD to QLD

+ Fixed error where after end of game on last day the session was reset to morning session

+ Changed startup code to increase compatibility with various graphics cards.

+ Adjusted database to lower skills of some players

Version 1.01 – Released 4th April 2006

Match Engine

+ Reduced chance of leaves in limited over matches

+ Reduced chance of defensive shots in limited over matchesbn

+ Increased aggression of batting AI in limited over matches

+ Improved AI batting in limited overs when chasing totals

+ Improved AI bowling in limited overs in the first innings

+ Forced CPU bowling tactics to re-asses bowling selection when a new ball is taken in first class matches

+ Improved AI for batting and bowling in first class matches

+ Reduced effectiveness of the new ball slightly

+ Added code for batting AI when setting a total in a team’s second innings

+ Added code to ignore going aggressively if doing well in a second innings of first class match if we are still a long way behind

+ Fixed bug where if following on the match status string was adding runs on from that innings making the deficit being drawn incorrectly.

+ Fixed bug where it would report the bowlers had reached their limit when no limit in place

+ Fixed crash bug where 2nd bowler was being set to 11 (out of array bounds) if no opening bowlers selected.

+ Added code that reduces batsman confidence at the end of sessions and at the end of a day, this seems to have reduced the number of monumental innings from settled batsmen

+ Fixed crash with spin bowling plans when you selected a leg spinner as the away team

+ Added fielding restrictions to one day matches for cpu tactics

+ Added fielding restrictions to one day matches for human tactics

+ Reduced how quickly batsmen can settle in limited overs matches

+ Made going all out attack less powerful a tactic, increases chances of losing wickets substantially

+ Lessened the effect a bad pitch has on the scores

+ Stopped batsman edging it if they’d left the ball


+ DirectX initialisation code significantly improved

+ Stopped game exiting if it couldn’t get immediate access to the keyboard

+ Improved windows code so that full screen window should stay on top

+ Improved filter to stop human managers from being informed of domestic results in countries other than their own

+ Fixed crash bug when going back/forward to oldmatch screen

+ Fixed bug where it would let you select a team with no keeper, captain or opening bowlers selected.

+ Gate receipts is now spelt correctly

+ Fixed crash bug on tactics screen when trying to draw next fixture’s weather if the fixture was further away than forecasts had been generated

+ Stopped running in Windowed mode when desktop resolution was too small

+ Added type of match indicator to match screen

+ Fixed bug that was slowing down game in transfer window

+ Improved South African domestic competitions bowler limits

Version 1.00 – Released 31st March 2006

– Initial release

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