Stats Spider The Ashes: 1st Test, 1901/02

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Australia v England @ Sydney Cricket Ground
13, 14, 16 December 1901 (timeless Test)

Toss: England (bat)
Umpires: R Callaway, RM Crockett
Match Result: England won by an innings and 124 runs

1st Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
*1. Archie MacLarenlbw b Charlie McLeod116020720-
2. Tom Haywardc Clem Hill b Hugh Trumble69-15611-
3. Johnny Tyldesleyc Charlie McLeod b Frank Laver1-6--
4. Willie Quaife b Bill Howell21-107--
5. Gilbert Jessop b Charlie McLeod24-165-
6. Arthur Jonesc James Kelly b Monty Noble9-15--
+7. Dick Lilleyc Frank Laver b Charlie McLeod84-14313-
8. Len Braundc Ernie Jones b Charlie McLeod58-128101
9. John Gunnc & b Ernie Jones21-354-
10. Sydney Barnesnot out 26-60--
11. Colin Blythec Hugh Trumble b Frank Laver20-40--

FOW 1-154 (Tom Hayward), 2-163 (Johnny Tyldesley), 3-193 (Archie MacLaren), 4-220 (Gilbert Jessop), 5-236 (Arthur Jones), 6-272 (Willie Quaife), 7-396 (Dick Lilley), 8-405 (Len Braund), 9-425 (John Gunn), 464 (Colin Blythe).
Extras 6b, 7lb, 1w, 1nb, 0pen) 15
Total (for 10 wickets, 186 ovs) 464

Bowling O M R W Extras
Ernie Jones368981 (0w,0nb)
Monty Noble3317911 (0w,0nb)
Charlie McLeod4417844 (0w,0nb)
Bill Howell218521 (0w,0nb)
Hugh Trumble3412851 (0w,0nb)
Frank Laver176392 (0w,0nb)
Victor Trumper1100 (0w,0nb)

2nd Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Syd Gregoryc Len Braund b Colin Blythe48-766-
2. Victor Trumperc & b Sydney Barnes2-5--
3. Clem Hill b Sydney Barnes46-1053-
4. Monty Noblest Dick Lilley b Len Braund2-15--
5. Bill Howellc Len Braund b Colin Blythe9020--
6. Charlie McLeod b Sydney Barnes0----
+7. James Kelly b Colin Blythe0----
*8. Joe Darlingc Willie Quaife b Sydney Barnes39-975-
9. Frank Laverc Willie Quaife b Len Braund6----
10. Hugh Trumblenot out 5----
11. Ernie Jonesc Gilbert Jessop b Sydney Barnes5----

FOW 1-3 (Victor Trumper), 2-89 (Syd Gregory), 3-97 (Monty Noble), 4-112 (Clem Hill), 5-112 (Bill Howell), 6-112 (Charlie McLeod), 7-112 (James Kelly), 8-142 (Frank Laver), 9-163 (Joe Darling), 168 (Ernie Jones).
Extras 1b, 3lb, 0w, 2nb, 0pen) 6
Total (for 10 wickets, 72.1 ovs) 168

Bowling O M R W Extras
Sydney Barnes35.19655 (0w,0nb)
Len Braund154402 (0w,0nb)
John Gunn50270 (0w,0nb)
Colin Blythe168263 (0w,0nb)
Gilbert Jessop1040 (0w,0nb)

3rd Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
*1. Joe Darlingc Gilbert Jessop b Len Braund3-8--
2. Victor Trumperc Dick Lilley b Colin Blythe34-51--
3. Clem Hill b Len Braund0----
4. Monty Noblec Dick Lilley b Colin Blythe14----
5. Syd Gregoryc Archie MacLaren b Len Braund43-854-
6. Charlie McLeod b Colin Blythe0----
+7. James Kellyc Sydney Barnes b Colin Blythe12----
8. Hugh Trumblec Dick Lilley b Sydney Barnes26-36--
9. Frank Laverst Dick Lilley b Len Braund0----
10. Bill Howellnot out 31023--
11. Ernie Jonesc Arthur Jones b Len Braund2-19--

FOW 1-12 (Joe Darling), 2-12 (Clem Hill), 3-52 (Victor Trumper), 4-59 (Monty Noble), 5-59 (Charlie McLeod), 6-89 (James Kelly), 7-129 (Hugh Trumble), 8-136 (Frank Laver), 9-147 (Syd Gregory), 172 (Ernie Jones).
Extras 5b, 2lb, 0w, 0nb, 0pen) 7
Total (for 10 wickets, 57.4 ovs) 172

Bowling O M R W Extras
Sydney Barnes162741 (0w,0nb)
Len Braund28.48615 (0w,0nb)
Colin Blythe135304 (0w,0nb)



Joe Darling, Victor Trumper, Clem Hill, Monty Noble, Syd Gregory, Charlie McLeod, James Kelly, Hugh Trumble, Frank Laver, Bill Howell, Ernie Jones


Archie MacLaren, Tom Hayward, Johnny Tyldesley, Willie Quaife, Gilbert Jessop, Arthur Jones, Dick Lilley, Len Braund, John Gunn, Sydney Barnes, Colin Blythe