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Henry Osinde - ODI - Batting Performance Innings by Innings
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ICC World Cricket League Championship 2011 to 201313th March 2013180--00
ICC Inter-Continental Cup One-Day 2011 to 20137th August 201135--00
ICC World Cup 2010/11 (Group A)16th March 2011236--10
Ireland in Canada 2010 (1st ODI)6th September 2010DNB10
Canada in West Indies 2009/10 (Only ODI)13th April 20107241-00
Kenya in Canada: 2nd match, 200922 August 2009DNB00
Kenya in Canada: 1st match, 200919 August 2009DNB00
Canada in Netherlands: 1st match, 200911 July 2009011--00
Canada in Scotland: 2nd match, 20098 July 20090-1--00
Canada in Scotland: 1st match, 20097 July 2009DNB00
ICC World Cup Qualifier: 2008/0919 April 20090-2--00
Scotiabank Tri-Series: 1st Match, 200818 August 2008DNB20
Bermuda in Canada: 2nd match, 200829 June 200816---00
Bermuda in Canada: 1st match, 200828 June 200801---20
Canada in Kenya: 2nd match, 200720 October 200702---00
Netherlands in Canada: 1st ODI, 20073 July 20072123382-00
ICC World Cup: 18th Match, 2006/0722 March 2007011--00
ICC World Cup: 3rd Match, 2006/0714 March 2007124--00
Associates Tri-Series (in West Indies): 3rd Match, 2006/0728 February 2007DNB00
ICC World Cricket League Division One: 14th Match, 2006/075 February 200712---00
ICC World Cricket League Division One: 11th Match, 2006/074 February 2007DNB00
ICC World Cricket League: 7th Match, 20072 February 2007DNB00
ICC World Cricket League: 5th Match, 200731 January 2007117--00
ICC World Cricket League: 2nd Match, 200730 January 2007018--00
ICC Associates Kenya Tri-Series: 5th ODI, 2006/0724 January 2007135--10
ICC Associates Kenya Tri-Series: 4th ODI, 2006/0723 January 20074571-00
ICC Associates Kenya Tri-Series: 2nd ODI, 2006/0718 January 2007DNB00
ICC Tri-Series (in South Africa): 5th Match, 2006/071 December 2006359--10
ICC Tri-Series (in South Africa): 4th Match, 2006/0730 November 2006DNB00
ICC Tri-Series (in South Africa): 2nd Match, 2006/0727 November 2006DNB00
ICC Tri-Series (in South Africa): 1st Match, 2006/0726 November 200635---10
Kenya in Canada: 2nd ODI, 20066 August 2006011--00
Kenya in Canada: 1st ODI, 20065 August 20060-2--00
Tri-Nation Tournament in West Indies: 2nd Match, 200617 May 20061117251-00
Tri-Nation Tournament in West Indies: 1st Match, 200616 May 2006014--00