T10 League 2021

The T10 2021 tournament between Team Abu Dhabi, The Chennai Braves, Bangla Tigers, Deccan Gladiators, Delhi Bulls, and Northern Warriors.

Matches | Standings


Home TeamAway TeamMatch Date & TimeVenue
Team Abu DhabiBangla Tigers19-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Northern WarriorsDelhi Bulls19-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Deccan GladiatorsThe Chennai Braves20-11-2021 12:00:01GMTAbu Dhabi
Northern WarriorsTeam Abu Dhabi20-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Delhi BullsBangla Tigers20-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Team Abu DhabiDeccan Gladiators21-11-2021 12:00:01GMTAbu Dhabi
Delhi BullsThe Chennai Braves21-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Bangla TigersNorthern Warriors21-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Deccan GladiatorsDelhi Bulls22-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
The Chennai BravesTeam Abu Dhabi22-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Northern WarriorsDeccan Gladiators23-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Bangla TigersThe Chennai Braves23-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Delhi BullsTeam Abu Dhabi24-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
The Chennai BravesNorthern Warriors24-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Bangla TigersDeccan Gladiators25-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Delhi BullsNorthern Warriors25-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
The Chennai BravesDeccan Gladiators26-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Bangla TigersTeam Abu Dhabi26-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Team Abu DhabiNorthern Warriors27-11-2021 12:00:01GMTAbu Dhabi
The Chennai BravesBangla Tigers27-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Delhi BullsDeccan Gladiators27-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Team Abu DhabiThe Chennai Braves28-11-2021 12:00:01GMTAbu Dhabi
Deccan GladiatorsNorthern Warriors28-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Bangla TigersDelhi Bulls28-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Deccan GladiatorsTeam Abu Dhabi29-11-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Northern WarriorsThe Chennai Braves29-11-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Deccan GladiatorsBangla Tigers01-12-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
The Chennai BravesDelhi Bulls01-12-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Northern WarriorsBangla Tigers02-12-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Team Abu DhabiDelhi Bulls02-12-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Deccan GladiatorsDelhi Bulls03-12-2021 12:00:01GMTAbu Dhabi
Team Abu DhabiBangla Tigers03-12-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
Qualifier 2Qualifier 203-12-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
3rd Place Play-off3rd Place Play-off04-12-2021 14:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi
FinalFinal04-12-2021 16:00:00GMTAbu Dhabi

Standings - Top 25 Teams

Pos.ManagerTotal Points
Gold MedalSame1.alan emery651
Silver MedalSame2.Red hot Monster630
Bronze MedalSame3.brijesh thakkar505
Same4.dale chambers500
Same5.Junaid Latif466