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Who are the Worst International players U've seen?


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
there's always a debate as to who is the Best Test or ODI player....so here's something a little different...

Who do u think are the Worst/least talented Players to have represented their countries in Tests/Odi's??

Lets keep the selections restricted to the 10 test playing nations only!

NB: this thread was inspired by something i read at Cricinfo.com about Khaled Mahmud

"Khaled Mahmud was arguably one of the least talented cricketers ever to captain his country................... But it was during this period that his Test bowling average briefly ballooned above 400 - the worst mark of all time. As Bangladesh's run of failures continued, Mahmud became the target for a hostile crowd, particularly during his final series in charge"
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Hall of Fame Member
yeah Mahmud would probably be about the worst.

in terms of playing for Australia Scott Muller cant bowl and he cant throw?


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
i somehiow think u are being too harsh on Mahmud...he might be the least talented captain though....averaged 12 with the bat & 64 with the ball in tests!!


Hall of Fame Member
Geraint is definitely one of the worst keepers that Ive seen play for one of the major countries although his batting isnt bad.

Mike Brierley was an abysmal batsman.

Some of the Aussies in the mid-80s and whilst WSC players were banned were just as horrible e.g. David Ogilvy

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Brian Murphy and Blessing Mahwire dont deserve to get anywhere near this thread.

Waddington Mwayenga takes the cake for me.


Hall of Fame Member
most of the Bangladeshie's were pretty bad, but looking at the major countries blokes like Scott Mueller, Rikki Clarke, Dave Joseph, Shiv Sunder Das, Mohanty, Adrain Griffith, ed giddins are some of the worst's i've seen in the time i've been watching cricket...

Barney Rubble

International Coach
If you're talking about how bad they were when they played international cricket, and ignoring any improvement since, then there's a few in county cricket at the moment:

Ian Ward
Usman Afzaal
Ryan Sidebottom
Owais Shah
Rikki Clarke
Jim Troughton
Darren Maddy
Ed Smith
Jimmy Ormond

To name but a few. It's not even worth counting the Bangladeshis and Zimbabweans - these days most of them are worse than players who are just breaking into county sides, let alone international teams.


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Probably Wayne Phillips for Australia. Patterson Thompson for the WI has to come into it too. He was quick, though.