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Umar Akmal-Hero or Zero?

Where do you see him come a few years

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Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Far too much analysis on this bloke in general IMO. He's a talented stroke-maker with a high ceiling who is yet to fully grasp the intricacies of building an innings and mentally toughening to the prospect of Test cricket - just like a lot of young batsmen. There's not too much more to it than that. His career could go either way and your guess is as good as mine. :p
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An amusing player. Who threatens to be good on occasion, but more often than not is crap. Not often a dull moment with him though.


State Regular
The best Pakistani talent that I have seen in my life. I remember both Inzi and Saeed from their first International seasons. In Umar in first almost 2 seasons has appeared twice as better and capable than Inzi and saeed did in their first couple of seasons.


Global Moderator
Rather poor character. I hope he does not stick around in test cricket though I think he's talented.


International Coach
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He's another case of being selected too soon looking at his first class stats he had one awesome season and followed it up with a mediocre season before his selection. His int career is following the same pattern.Pakistan domestic cricket is off quite low quality until or unless a batsman gives you 2-3 consistent seasons I don't think they should be considered for international selection.


International Vice-Captain
I think he will realise his potential and have an amazing year, but then get banned from cricket for some reason.