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Should Atul Sharma make a comeback???


International Coach
A very sad state of affairs in SA. World cricket needs him because Atul Sharma is probably my favorite ever Indian cricketer and along with Rambo probably the most exciting manly man I have ever seen. As much as SS is a spinner fanboy, I am a bowling fan-boy.

I would like to see Atul make a comeback. He is still quite fit and he oils up so well.

I for one would love to see him in South Africa. What do you guys think????


International Vice-Captain
What happened to this guy who was faster then Akhtar and stuff and was preparing for a stint in the IPL? I saw some of his youtube videos....i remember a thread about him...but don't know where he went? And oh yea....why not try Munaf Patel...and what the heck happened to RP Singh...he had decent pace.


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Come back from what? Has he ever actually played? Not being sarcastic btw, I'm serious.


Cricketer Of The Year
Never fails to raise a giggle, though - thought it'd be good to brighten up your day ;)