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Semi Final 1 - England v South Africa


International Coach
Never mind, he'll just do it himself.

Vital wicket actually.

And I'd give him a 7th over, no question.
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**** that's a good shot on the up.

That ball that got Petersen was fantastic too

King Pietersen

International Captain
He's been quietly rubbish in ODIs for a couple of years now.
Yep, pretty much. His stats make for pretty awful reading from the last 3 years:

2011: 13 wickets at 40.30, economy of 5.75, SR of 42.0
2012: 11 wickets at 33.45, economy of 4.65, SR of 43.0
2013: 8 wickets at 45.37, economy of 5.77, SR of 47.1

Not particularly impressive. I'd certainly be tempted to go with Jimmeh, Finn and Bres as our 3 primary seamers when they're all fit.

King Pietersen

International Captain
Oh **** off Bhogle. When I've got the cricket on in the background at work, and am primarily just listening to the commentary, the last thing I want is ****ing Bhogle talking absolute drivel for half an hour.

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yes Broad a lucky man to be in the ODI side, should really be Bresnan - they're both mediocre options but at least Bresnan can bat.