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Rugby Union Sim


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
1. Quaggas
2. Voltman
3. Centurymaker
4. Daemon
5. Weeman
6. Hurricane
7. Howe_zat
8. Brumbers
9. Ripper
10. Clapo
11. cpr
12. Somerset
13. Majin
14. Goughy
15. Jojo Mustard


International Debutant
I picked the province of GB just because of Michael Portillo, but I guess I should be eligible for the Asian one as well if that helps at all Heef, although I am guessing there are enough players in my position anyway so whatever works for you works for me.


International Debutant
I would like to do at least one productive thing for the team this time. Small steps.


Hall of Fame Member
I think if Conrad Smith filled out on of these profiles he would be like
Defensive awareness 80
Attacking awareness 20


Hall of Fame Member
Hey guys. I'm preparing the sim for Season 4, where CricketWeb will have a team. Could you sort out amongst yourself the following information:

Team Name:
Club President:
Chairman of Selectors:
Head of Recruitment:
Home Ground Name:
Team Logo: [insert pic here]


Cricketer Of The Year
I propose

Team Name: Brumby's
Club President: Brumby
Chairman of Selectors: Brumby
Head of Recruitment: Brumby
Home Ground Name: Brumbington Lane
Team Logo:


Not Terrible
Team Name: The Pork Pies
Club President: Brumby
Chairman of Selectors: Ripper
HoR: Me - could get a few of the cricsim blokes possibly
Home Ground Name: Blondini Oval
Team Logo:


Hall of Fame Member
I'll be keen to join up next season if we name the team "The Pork Pies" or something similar.
I am fine with the name and good to have you on board.

Benchmark would probably want a lifetime supply of noodz as his signing bonus - you should have set a higher price!



Cricket Web: All-Time Legend

Team Name: CW Crabs 8|
Club President: Brumbeh
Chairman of Selectors: Hurricane
Head of Recruitment: Athlai?/Someone who frequents cricsim
Home Ground Name: CW Oval
Team Logo: