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Random Country Draft - The Football Version


Cricketer Of The Year
Going into transit for 18 or so hours now. Apologies in advance if I'm slow to pick.


Flórián Albert

Joint top scorer in 1962 world cup when yer Magyars finished third & European footballer of the year in 1967.


State Regular
Round 1, Yugoslavia
Clapo - Davor Šuker
Cevno - Dragan Džajić
BoyBrumby - Zvonimir Boban
Samuel_Vimes - Nemanja Vidić
Indipper - Bernard Vukas
GingerFurball - Vladimir Jugović
Ausage - Luka Modrić
Matteh - Siniša Mihajlović
Retox - Edin Džeko
sledger - Robert Prosinecki

Round 2, Hungary
sledger - Ferenc Puskas
Retox - Balázs Dzsudzsák
Matteh - Sándor Kocsis
Ausage - Zoltán Czibor
GingerFurball - Nandor Hidegkuti
Indipper - László Kubala
Samuel_Vimes - Gyula Grosics
BoyBrumby - Flórián Albert
Cevno - 
Clapo - 

Round 3, Netherlands
Clapo - 
Cevno - 
BoyBrumby - 
Samuel_Vimes - 
Indipper - 
GingerFurball - 
Ausage - 
Matteh - 
Retox - 
sledger -


Hall of Fame Member
György Sárosi

Versatile player could play in the front,in the middle and in the back. Rated by many including Guissepe Meaza as the second best hungarian player ever.Also was the third best hungarian player ever in the world soccer magazine list.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
József Bozsik - Most capped Hungarian and the best halfback in the world at his prime.. (thanks Wiki :p)

Wanted Gyula, damn you vimes! :(