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Question on ban announcements


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Who was TheGreatest?

I mean obviously an underwear model, but a multi of which account?


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Can't be certain but we think it was Firebreaker. My personal suspicion is that the account was once legit but was hacked in the last few months.
Damn. Isn’t this the same dude that wanted to study overseas so he could hook up with chix?

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Who was TheGreatest?
TheGreatest was originally a member who intermittently posted here about autobiographies and personal club cricket techniques. More recently the account was taken over by multiple-banned user Firebreaker.

This actually scares me a little bit. Creating an infinite list of multis is one thing, hacking old accounts is a whole other level of 'please go away'.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Must say that was a very well run multi. The posting style didn't resemble Firebreaker's at all and pulled off acting Seth Effrikan fairly convincingly. For a long time people just ignored bikini pics of obviously googled models that looked nothing like each other as a fun gimmick because there was just enough relevant posting.