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People that should not be allowed to write about cricket


International Captain
Rebecca Wilson should be added to the list. Just admit it, you have NFI. I guess it can't take much to be a sports journalist in Australia.
Just read the article then, besides being on the Clark bandwagon she has NFI. Amazing that if sports people in Aus perform badly they usually get a characheter assasination attemp in the press too :wacko:

archie mac

International Coach
Steen = everything white must be racist. one of his gems went something like

"There was no street parade for the West Indies in 1979/80 as there was in 1960/61 because they won the former and lost the latter"

It seems those Racist Australian's were only happy to have a parade if the WI lost and knew their place but not when they won.

One may ask where were the parades in 1968/69 and 1975/76 when Australia won?

Mr Steen would it have something to do with the great cricket played in 1960/61?8-)