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*Official* Uruguay v Netherlands (Semi Final 1)


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Great chance for the Dutch to get through to the final.. Uruguay probably have Suarez suspended and one of their players was injured as well. 1-0 to Netherlands is my prediction.

L Trumper

State Regular
uruguay need both lugano and godin at center. Giving away needless freekicks might decide this game.


Cricketer Of The Year
not to forget that The Netherlands is by far the superior team to Uruguay...just Forlan who can do damage.


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Can't decide who I want to win. Backing Uruguay over the whole Suarez thing, love Forlan to bits and want Germany to win the tournament. Underdogs, and IMO have been quite watchable too since their opening game.

On the other hand, Netherlands are a more naturally likable side, would love to see them play Germany in the final and the Dutch people are awesome in my experience.


Virat Kohli (c)
I'm backing them because I stand to win money for that. A much more noble reason than backing cheaters. :ph34r:

SilentStriker having far too much influence on this forum when cheaters are revered.


Cricketer Of The Year
Suarez plays for Ajax (club i support) think he is a legend, but it's time for U-R-Gay (simpson style) to go home :)


International Debutant
Hope the Dutch team wins.... Would hate to see the cheats in the final.
2-0 to Netherlands.