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***Official**** Sri Lanka in New Zealand 2014/2015


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Brownlie isn't Playing.

Ken Rutherford commentating whilst his son is batting, is that a first for test cricket?
Was just thinking that myself. He's always come across a good bloke Ken Rutherford, but really doesn't have a voice for commentary does he.


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Bit harsh making him do first up comms, at least leave him to 2nd stint as his lad may have a few by then if still in.


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Tend to agree with Doully here, not sure you can blame the pitch for that one. More a case of poor footwear & terrible technique in landing the foot.


Global Moderator
Reckon he did his front foot worse there. Actually strained the ankle rather than just slipping. Not sure whether he'll be able to continue.


Not Terrible
This is the best start ever. And I love Russel Arnold.

:laugh: The grass is too long for the ****ing bowlers!