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*Official* Pakistan in New Zealand


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
I've got no doubt that exists...but hell, when you get to the point yesterday where he literally loses two hands off the bat playing **** knows what shot that was, he appears fried mentally.

Something he's never been able to remedy is that line on his hip - we'd lose count trying to work out how many times he's been out caught on that line, whether it's a leading edge, scratched down lrg side or caught in a trap
With 2 dead rubbers now would be the ideal time to just give him a spell. He really just needs a break.

The Hutt Rec

International Vice-Captain
Tbf the Australia tests are a bit of a special case on account of their being our traditional sporting rival and the fact that they've only played 2 tests here in the past 14 years. Also the Basin has a pretty tiny capacity these days, what is it, 7,500? I remember when I was a kid - before the regional stadium was built - they used to pack in about 12,000 for ODI's. Not that I think that was a good state of affairs, the bank used to feel like the Tokyo metro in rush hour.
Sure, I’m not saying tests are more popular. Just that there’s plenty of support for them out there. But the Basin does sell out for most tests against decent sides.

Basin is 6400, Hagley 8000 (also close to sold out for Aus), University Oval 6000, Seddon 10,000. All quite similarly sized and they’re the ones selling out for this t20 series.

King Kane

International Debutant
So we finally won the toss and chose to bowl first, makes sense when that worked so well for Pakistan choosing to bowl first in the first 3 games.


Hall of Fame Member
Man, you really can see the difference pacewise between Locky and every other bowler we've seen this summer. Dude is just as quick as ever; he's just completely lost his radar.


Hall of Fame Member
Milne on the other hand is a dude who's decided his body can only handle 6th gear for one or two balls a game.