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***Official*** Pakistan in Australia 2016/17


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Why has nine changed the order of the bowling figures on the graphics? Been the same for 39 years and worked fine


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But it's so cluttered. The basic stats of wickets and runs were always to the right of screen and now they're in the middle of all this other dross. Got no problem with them including the extra stats like dot balls etc, but put that **** in the middle and leave the wickets and runs where hey always were ffs.


State Captain
Need to have number of balls so it is easy to compare the number of dots, perhaps have the dots as a percentage, to 3 decimal places


International Coach
Another downhill skiing effort from Smith. Came in when the bowlers were tired and made most of the runs when they were very tired.


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Dude is a run machine. Don't recall more than 2-3 of his ODI hundreds though weirdly. Probably because he usually scores them while strolling to a win.