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***Official*** Pakistan in Australia 2016/17


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Just quietly he must also be getting up there in terms of numbers and centuries while chasing. Been a few of those in the last couple of years. Also scored runs in the WC. He really is brilliant.

Crazy Sam

International 12th Man
Still can't believe how poorly Pakistan did in the last 10 overs of their innings yesterday. With wickets in the shed, going at 5 an over at the 40 over mark, you should be scoring a lot more than 50 runs in the last 10.

KRIS 148

School Boy/Girl Captain
Hazlewood's gotta be my favourite bowler going around at the moment.
Hazlewood is on another stratosphere at the moment. He copped, from me as well, heaps of flack for an underwhelming second test year but now in his third season he is the world's best pace bowler, That is one hell of an improvement on the man who had trouble controlling the English Duke ball in England and was dumped, rather unfairly, from the final test. He also struggled in Sri Lanka to take wickets on low, flat decks.. He could well find similar decks in India not to his liking but he is learning all the time and will find ways to take wickets over there.

KRIS 148

School Boy/Girl Captain
Pretty incredible considering he played pretty much the first half of his career as a bowler batting at 8
I blame CA for spoiling his early Test career. CA rushed him into test cricket because they were looking for a new Shane Warne. Smithy just did not have the same incredible control as the
"shiek". Luckily Smith has a smart head on his shorlders and realised the same by jettisoning his bowling to concentrate on his batting. The rest is history.


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Zampa, finally. Despite being the leading wicket taker in ODIs for your lot last year somehow this is his first game in ages.