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*Official* New Zealand tour of Sri Lanka 2019


International Debutant
Part-time fireman Rance just swings it much more consistently these days than the more fashionable ones who bulked their bodies up and seemed to lose most of their lateral movement. Add to that the fact it was inland Sri Lanka under lights, conditions quite a bit more in favour of Rance than say Tickner. Milne went under the knife again last month (ankle).

Definitely look for Tickner to be in the T20 mix when there's a bouncy pitch on offer, but the guys once earmarked to be of at least some international use like Wheeler just aren't really giving the selectors any new ball swing or low tournament ERs to work with lately. Just speeds of 143-145 and pretty high tourney ERs.
who are they backing to breakthrough, then?


Cricketer Of The Year
who are they backing to breakthrough, then?
Well sadly I can never really look to any early 20s Kiwi cricketer these days and strongly suspect he's going to become that big man on campus, the one who'll rise confidently above his peers in a Rabada or Archer way. I think the times that Sears and Jamieson have popped in terms of wonderful-sounding figures, the actual visual quality of their bowling wasn't really anything to take anyone's breath away.

It's become more a Bond and Ferguson thing (now a Hazledine thing!) for a NZ pacer to bowl semi-anonymously and unremarkably until he's about 25, and it's about then that he's got his physique and self-confidence to make a now-or-never push at being top class.


Cricketer Of The Year
Who needs a flat stomach when you can bowl like that at 36?Malinga,what a legend.

For pure shock value this rather puts Herath's 5 for 3 against NZ in the world t20 in the shade.
The most incredible thing for me about Malinga is you know his trick, but you're still often powerless to stop it. CdG knew a yorker was coming (or maybe he was thinking about lunch, never sure with him). Ross definitely knew. Even when you know he's going to york you, it's still an incredibly difficult proposition to keep it out. I don't know of too many bowlers in history like that.


International Vice-Captain
Haven't seen a ball bowled in the T20s.... Looks like Southee and Santner had a good series. So did lot of the boys.. Just couple of glances in cricinfo over the last few days is all I did. I had thought Malinga retired, he 5 fer 6 ... insane figures.

Overall a good overseas tour for Black Caps. Can't complain too much they played good cricket but SL played better in the first test.

Bring on the big 3, it's going to be one hell of a summer.