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***Official NBA Thread***


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I think GSW had a much easier path to the final and several of the Boston players seem worn out/not at 100%. If both teams were fresh, I'd take Celtics considering the GSW seniors players are not at their absolute prime but at this stage, GSW should take it as long as Curry did not seriously hurt his ankle in Game 5.


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the celtics are younger and i don't think the more gruelling eastern conf series is going to faze them...the stars at golden state are definitely more fragile, the longer this series goes, the better boston's chances are...
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Kroenke Sports & Entertainment vice chairman Josh Kroenke said Friday the Denver Nuggets are entering a "championship or bust" chapter that will be guided by general manager Calvin Booth following the recent departure of executive Tim Connelly to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

"We're entering a new phase of the organization, and with this squad in particular, which is: It's championship or bust. And this is the first time those words have been uttered around these halls, I think," Kroenke said.

Show us what you got Joshie


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Klay & Steph are being hunted on defence

Wiggins has been good while Draymond is useless

Warriors only chance is that Steph & Klay go nuclear on offence


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Incredible from Steph. Warriors really can't afford draymond being this much of a liability on offense going forward though surely.


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Poole's buzzer-beater at the end of the third quarter was insane.
I switched it on in the middle of the night and it was the first thing I saw, thought it must be a highlight reel. Boston totally lost their heads in the 4th.


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great job by golden state to hang in there and tough out a win with steph misfiring...but this is not over yet...


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Celtics likely win though. Horford and Williams are a big step up in terms of protecting the paint from Jokic and the dallas centres. Warriors will have to get hot from 3 to win imo and steph has been sus all season.
I mean from deep. He shot less than 36% from December onwards in the regular season. Perfectly fine for most people but not close to regular Steph.
Nek minnit 31 ppg 44% from 3 in the finals lmao