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*Official* India in CWLand Discussion and Results


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hope I can take a grab or two as twelfth man in the T20 game...
good luck to the side, nothing better than seeing India get thrashed...

SirBloody Idiot

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Ecstatic to get a gig in the Invitational XI - hoping to make some runs.

Great looking side as well (they don't play cricket half bad either ;) )


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Very happy to make the T20 side. Hope I can repay the faith and we get a win over the Indians.


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:) stoked to be playing in both games. Really looking to impress in the OD match though, I want my spot back :)


You'll Never Walk Alone
Haha, wow. Absolutely stoked to make a CW side again. Loving the strong Black contingent and pace bowling strength. Will be hoping my movement and changes of pace can be effective and it's nice to see my fielding and somewhat improved batting recognised. Just really looking to enjoy the match, should be an awesome atmosphere. Mork making a 20/20 side golden aswell. :D


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Indian team for OD

SC Ganguly
SR Tendulkar*(6)
G Gambhir
RV Uthappa
KD Karthik+
SK Raina
PP Chawla(5)
IK Pathan(2)
P Kumar(3)
RP Singh(4)
Z Khan(1)

1-4 to bowl full allotment with Tendulkar and Chawla sharing. Chawla to bowl majority/all if going well.
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Delighted to make both sides, and to lead the Invitational team. Big opportunity to impress on a big stage for a lot of the players picked.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Haven't heard from my other half (Mork) in days. I'm hoping that he's still available to sim the T20 and ODIs. If not, I'll do them as best I can. Will sim the T20 if it's not done by midnight. :p
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You were awesome but we wanted to give others a chance, seeing as you'll likely play all the ODIs.
Ive no objection to the policy as long as its consistent.

I dont know the answers so Im just enquiring rather than accusing.

1) Im guessing that most of these players must be new to International cricket and are primarily rookies with impressive seasons or experienced players getting a chance?

2) Who else was not included from the last ODI squad in order to give someone else a chance and will be included in this set of ODIs?

3) As a limited over specialist. I dont play FC and will never get near the Test team so every game is important and valuable. Im sure if you are talking about giving people a chance that there cant be players included that have played both ODIs and Tests as well as lots of FC and List A?

As I said, the policy is fine with me as long as it is young inexperienced players that will not feature in other formats of the game at International level.

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
To answer 3) at least, the two players who are most experienced in FC/List A and core members of the Test & ODI sides, myself and Cloete, are sitting out both these matches.


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To answer 3) at least, the two players who are most experienced in FC/List A and core members of the Test & ODI sides, myself and Cloete, are sitting out both these matches.
It just seems strange,that as I only play lmited overs cricket, that Im rested for a limited overs game. Its not like I play FC cricket and am involved with all the sides. There are lots of guys that cross the boundary between Test and OD so Im struggling to understand why Im not playing T20 and ODI.

I play little cricket at Dev league or Int cricket in the first place.

Anyway, its been a bad day IRL so Ill hold my tongue rather than rant be silly