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*Official* India in CWLand Discussion and Results

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Ive no objection to the policy as long as its consistent.

I dont know the answers so Im just enquiring rather than accusing.

1) Im guessing that most of these players must be new to International cricket and are primarily rookies with impressive seasons or experienced players getting a chance?

2) Who else was not included from the last ODI squad in order to give someone else a chance and will be included in this set of ODIs?

3) As a limited over specialist. I dont play FC and will never get near the Test team so every game is important and valuable. Im sure if you are talking about giving people a chance that there cant be players included that have played both ODIs and Tests as well as lots of FC and List A?

As I said, the policy is fine with me as long as it is young inexperienced players that will not feature in other formats of the game at International level.
First off, it's a domestic team. It's not an international team and thus not a T20I. I'll say right off the bat that if it were a T20I team, you'd definitely be in it.

That said, you wouldn't often see Brett Lee, Shane Bond or the like playing against a touring side in a festival match. You're a top class ODI bowler, so I really don't know why you're upset at not being selected to a T20 representative side.

The players selected are the best of the T20 performers last off-season, with as few stars as possible. Note that Cloete and Pickup were not selected, the latter despite the lack of a spinner in the team. Unfortunate for you, you're a fast bowler, and while those selected have not outperformed you in T20, they've certainly been no slouches.

Regarding your last point:

1. You're not a batsman and thus will not replace any of the top 6. You simply were not competing with them.
2. Clapham was picked as an allrounder, besides the fact that he has hardly been a regular at international level recently and needs every chance to impress.
3. None of Rose, Watt, Thomas or Patrick are international regulars in either form of the game.

Regarding your point about the lack of first-class cricket, I suppose that's what comes from being at the best team in the Dev League. But if Borcich breaks into the Test squad, given the lack of a Kexing Su, those chances may open up. I don't see how picking you to bowl 4 overs in a one-off T20 is going to bring any parity to your situation there.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Anyway, its been a bad day IRL so Ill hold my tongue rather than rant be silly
You think you've had a bad day? I've watched two poor umpiring decisions contribute to West Indies, in all likelihood, crumbling to another Test defeat.

This is tongue-in-cheek btw. You've probably had a worse day.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Twenty20: CWBCC Select XI vs Indians
at Pickford Reserve


The usually spin-friendly Pickford ground turned to a seamers' paradise, though largely helped by inept batting from the so-called World Champions. It was a disappointing way to entertain the crowd; after Gambhir and Sehwag smashed 24 runs off Rose's opening over, things petered out. Earlier, Chaulk and Stedman had shown form with a typically blistering 69 for the first wicket; Stedman kept the rate going, registering a 27-ball fifty before Harbhajan held a fine catch, and though Kumar and Harbhajan bowled very well at the death, the Select XI posted a respectable 160 for six.

At 24 for one at the end of the first over, the tourists would be proud. Then Clapham began the carnage. Tendulkar dragged on a ball after struggling with his offside play, and Watt's next over yielded three wickets in five balls - before Pathan got off the mark with the score at 40 for five. The tail were unable to keep out the pace of Thomas, however, and Yuvraj was left stranded after just 9.1 overs of entertainment for the crowd.

CWBCC Select XI 160 for five (20)
JE Stedman 50*, CR Butler 32; Harbhajan 2/19

Indians 77 all out (9.1)
Yuvraj 24; GM Thomas 3/7, KR Clapham 2/6, DJ Watt 2/16


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how does an international team lose 10 wickets in 55 balls? terrible...


Cricket Web Content Updater
Shocking performance really.

On a personal and CWXI note, not bad and nice to start their tour with a loss.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Usual suspects picked for ODI series

No surprises in the squad for the first three one-day internationals against India, as Neil Pickup leads a squad of familiar faces. Sean Fuller has been retained in the squad and will serve predominantly as a batting backup, while Kingsley Clapham will hope to break back into the team as he competes with Xavier Rose.

CW XI ODI squad:
NS Pickup (c), AJ Crampton (wk), AP Cloete, JE Stedman, AP Chaulk (wk), CR Butler, RJ Dauth, TC Halsey, XPA Rose, KR Clapham, KJ Gough, SE Fuller, LA Camps.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Awesome T20 win, Thomas & I re-discovering our T20 form from the last off-season (y)

Pleased to have made the ODI squad, now to make an impression in the Invitational XI match.


Hall of Fame Member
You think you've had a bad day? I've watched two poor umpiring decisions contribute to West Indies, in all likelihood, crumbling to another Test defeat.

This is tongue-in-cheek btw. You've probably had a worse day.
My apologies. I thought it was an international T20 game. My mistake

Anyway, well played guys. Top effort. :)