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***Official*** India in Australia 2014-5


Hey all, first post.

This is going to be one big test for India and I don't see India winning this one. Steve Smith wouldn't have too much trouble with this one. If Dhoni and Ashwin come back into the team that will boost the batting. Hopefully Dhoni takes a few aggressive tips from Virat. I don't see India changing the batting line up. This might be Dhawan's last chance although I would replace him. I would have liked to see Raina come into the side but not at the expense of Rohit. Umesh Yadav should replace Shami. Why not give Umesh a chance to prove himself. Its not like that would hurt India's chance of winning. The only way India can win this one is by taking 20 wickets. They should make sure that they get the openers out early and also get Smith out. This would put pressure on the Aussies. Maybe that might start a big collapse. As long as Indian batsmen take their time and adapt to the conditions they should be fine. Whoever wins the toss they probably going to bat first

the big bambino

International Captain
I suspect it's an Alex Ferguson injury. A convenient knock that means he's not available for selection without having to say he is being rested.
Pretty suss I think. CA still doing rotation I'm guessing. They got such bad publicity when they admitted to the policy but still believe its the way to manage workloads. What to do with a policy you think is right but get hammered if you admit to it? Invent convenient knocks I guess.

Mind you I support rotation and the way our fast bowlers have gone down demanded some kind of action. So I can understand why they are making things up if they are still maintaining rotation.


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India batting first after winning the toss in Brisbane...Think we'll be in a good position to guess the result of this test by tea day 1...


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Dhoni, Ashwin and Umesh are all welcome. But I still think Shami had to play here - playing Aaron in Brisbane is risky


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Run down of chix and wav3s pls. Numbers and ratings.
I live in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Im sure some of our english members would be familiar With the south of Tenerife as a place frequented by english and Germán tourists. Fortunately, however, I live in the north which is basically a completely different entity.

Not going to lie. Was hard at first - female wise. No one speaks much english here so it Was a struggle in the beginning . But like the surf season which was also virtually non-existant in August, it continues to get better.

It should be known that Santa Cruz, the capital, plays host every year to the second biggest carnivale in the world. That takes place in February
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