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***Official*** ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2018


State 12th Man
3/3! I can't believe this! Geez Coetzer has played a couple of important knocks in the last two games.


U19 12th Man
Congrats to *****. Wow this is terrible for AFG. Gotta feel for them. After battling everything to gain Test status and to now possibly missing the WC

Eshan seems to have bowled a hell of a spell. If the video on this link is anything to go by looks like he got a lot of bite and turn


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
So apparently PNG need to lose their match against Netherlands tomorrow to keep ODI status.

It's like a match made for Pakistan


Cricketer Of The Year
Quite saddening that Afghans didn't even qualify for the super sixes. If Scotland pulls off a single upset in the super sixes, they can qualify to WC ahead of 4 of WI, Zim, Afg, Ire and Netherlands. Huge.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Geez, really? How does that work?
They need to lose to allow Netherlands the best chance to qualify for the super sixes ahead of UAE - because if UAE make it to the playoffs - along with Scotland and HK who are looking likely from the other side, then that is the three ODI spots sewn up.

They are better losing to Netherlands, then trying to win the crossover playoffs for an ODI spot. (And potentially not having to play another WCL2 to get back into WCLC


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Running out of superlatives to describe each #CWCQ day's play. Another Associate beating a Full Member. Another Scotland win and another strong UAE performance. Catch up with it all in my third power rankings here: http://bit.ly/2FoGuuu


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
This tournament has been absolute fire, great performances from EVERY team. This has already been spoken of before but the ICC could have, at the very LEAST, set up a live stream of some such for these pre-Super Six matches


International Coach
Things looking good for Pool A teams with no Afghanistan qualifying ?

Zimbabwe know they have to win 4/5 at worst to qualify for the WC. Still have to play likely fellow super 6 qualifiers Scotland and Hong Kong.


Hall of Fame Member
Ireland vs WI is being broadcast for those interested
good disciplined start from Ireland...If they can get both Gayle and Hetmyer in the early overs they will have the upper-hand - because Hope and Samuels don't have any strike-rotation game


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Just drop the dude. No point keeping him and hoping he'll hit his 2014/15 form again.