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*Official* CW XI Media Coverage


International Regular
With no less than 24 CW dev league batsmen passing 1000 runs for the season I would be inclined to suggest the options do not end there

EDIT:About 5 per team!


First Class Debutant
Mamesh pulls up stumps

After six seasons of FC cricket for four different sides and five seasons of Test Cricket, Test batsmen Thamba Mamesh has decided to retire from all forms of cricket after 4th Test against Australia. It believed the opening batsmen has lost the motivation to play cricket at the highest level. “You got to put in 110% to play at this level, lately I’ll only been putting in 80-90%.”

The question now will be who can replace him in the batting line up with many of contenders either inexperience or inconsistent. Mamesh felt the side should look to youth, “I know at Green we have two talented openers in Malone and Scott, and then you have someone like Stephen Young or a son of a gun (Fitzsimmons).”

The talk is around the CW XI dressing room is that Mamesh’s decision to retire could see CW Black Captain Dan Smith change his decision to ‘retire’ from Test Cricket. When asked about Smith as an option, Mamesh delivered a scathing attack on the Black captain, “Yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if he did that, the guy is soft. He doesn’t want to do the hard yards to make the national side. He will probably see this as the easy why to make the side”

Mamesh picked scoring a century for CW Blue against CW Black last season's final as the highlight of his domestic career. His double century on return to the Test side against India last season was the highlight of his international career.

Mamesh finished off his press conference paying tribute to his opening partners for most of his career domestically and in Test Cricket. “Guys like Young (Pete) and Mork made me the batsmen I am today. It was a true pleasure batting alongside them for club and country for many seasons.”
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Evil Scotsman
Dinnen's Future Up in the Air

CW Green were hit by further bad news with the announcement that rookie all-rounder C.J. Dinnen would be leaving the franchise upon the expiration of his contract.

Sources close to the player indicate that Dinnen has been an unhappy member of the Green dressing room for quite some time, citing a clash of personalities with Greens captain M. Mitchell.

"I won't comment on specific relationships within the dressing room. What happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room as far as I'm concerned. Regardless of the differences between the various members of the dressing room, I have too much respect for the majority of my team-mates to comment on them. There's some good guys within the Green setup and I wouldn't wish to burn my bridges with them."

"That being said, I have been considering this decision for a while now. Towards the end of the season I had lost my motivation somewhat, and was considering going back to Gofftown to finish the season in grade cricket. However, I decided to stick the season out with Green, out of respect for my team-mates. The uncertainty over whether or not I was doing the right thing kept lingering though, and it was almost a relief when I was left out of the final couple of rounds of the season. I was delighted to go back to Gofftown to help them into the playoffs, although we would ultimately experience disappointment at the first hurdle."

Despite the break and the return to Gofftown, the situation at Green still dominated Dinnen's thoughts.

"I've been on holiday away from cricket for the past week or so, but cricket has still dominated my thoughts. I came to realise that I wasn't happy at Green, and despite trying to put the issue to the back of my mind, I found that I couldn't enjoy my end of season break. The decision has really made itself for me - if it was causing me that much anguish, the decision I had to make seemed obvious."

"I have decided that I will not be renewing my contract at CW Green. It's a decision that I've thought long and hard about over the past few weeks, but I feel that I've come to the decision that's right for me.

"There are various factors behind the decision, but the over-riding factor is the sense that I am at the wrong club, with a captain who doesn't know quite how to utilise me. I've always felt like a bit of an outsider at Green and I don't feel the senior players - with the notable exception of Martin Corrin - have helped me settle in and made me feel like I belong."

"I could give it another year, but I don't think I'd be doing CW Green, my team-mates, and most importantly, myself, justice."

Dinnen remained fairly tight lipped about his future plans:

"As to what the future holds, we'll just have to see. If I've done enough to be recognised by the U19 board, great. If not, I'll take some time off, consider my options for the off season, and get my head down and get runs on the board. Hopefully I've had a decent enough debut season for one of the other franchises to consider me as an investment for the future. There's one franchise in particular that I would love to join, however I'm not going to name names in case it makes me look foolish come contract time."

"I'd like to thank CW Green for giving me the opportunity to play cricket in the CW Development League, despite how it's ended it has been an honour to play with and against some of the legends of CW Cricket, and I hope my experience at Green can inspire me to greater heights."


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Brilliant stuff from Dinnen.

Though I'm unsure whether it really was a personality clash with Mitchell or to do with Mitchell's continual hair growth and poor hygiene standards.

I hear that the Green dressing rooms were swabbed for biological testing recently and the petri-dishes grew a nasty case of smallpox, rampant athlete's foot and a small growth of Southern European scrubland most commonly found in East Cyprus.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing

The CWXI and Colts fast bowler today announced the name he would be calling the cat he just adopted from the Gofftown animal shelter.