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  • Rules an internet forum?
    Ha, i'm just another member here - the donkeys are the ones following me around...
    ok Bryce you are very clever too
    Whats the fk propose to post a password and change her.
    So if the freeroll its private and not to any of us why did you POST THE 1ST password norron

    Look at all the messages below - it is a private tournament & none of you are invited!
    Yea your all so clever you can all see the freeroll listed then find the site, so what go and play the public freerolls...

    Did any of you stop and think that the certain freerolls are made private for a reason?
    So un-invited guests can't play, maybe?
    L8a all of you
    Hey Bryce send me the new password for the freeroll on FTP.
    its the 2nd time i wrote here lol.
    sorry to being boring man

    Be cool man ;)
    Hey Bryce,
    I would like to play the free at Full Tilt Poker with your community.
    Please send me the pass to: T-Pegasus@web.de
    My Full Tilt Name is: Pokerstar8899
    Hey Bryce im pretty new on CW. Im not sure if this is the best way to get in touch with you but hopefully it will work. I would like to register into the freeroll coming up later. My email is bsacj732@aim.com. Im not sure if i am considered eiligible to play or not but it would be great if i could. Thank you and on a small side note you are exaclty 1 year younger than me. My bday is june 27 86 haha
    Hey Bryce

    Seems I caused a bit of hassle with the Full Tilt Poker.
    I registered for the forum yesterday (21 Dec 09 South African Time) and going through the threads I came across poker game and being a player on FTP I registered. Since the message on the poker said for members of CW I thought it would be cool.

    My account has now been activated.

    Am I able to join the game or is it only for certain members of the forum.

    this isn't private aye man? send me your email and i'll email it to you OK all good m8
    Hey mate, Cricketweb XI will be relaunching soon, looking for existing players to sign in please visit here if you are still keen.
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