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***Official*** Australia in India 2012/13


Whatever it takes!!!
yeah.. they haven't changed the rules so much that you can be given LBW when it hits the bat first... There was an outside edge onto the pad


International Vice-Captain
Lol, half the team didn't appeal.

You're as one-eyed in cricket as you are with Essendon in the AFL then. ;)
How so? It was out, Maxwell appealed? Since when do they all need to?

Thanks for reminding me about the footy, has been a great weekend :)


International Debutant
BTW I ran the numbers and Australia's last three wickets didn't outscore the first three though they came ridiculously close: 639 to 676. They outscored them 5 out of 8 times though including the last four innings.


Global Moderator
Vijay, you had a mammoth series against all expectations due to not trying to be a funky ****.

Now of all times, WHY?


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I hate how I keep on demeaning everything Maxwell does by saying he's so lucky, but he is so ****ing lucky. The reverse sweep. i mean come on