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***Official*** 2nd Test at Adelaide

Victor Ian

International Coach
I have finally been watching for one of Marsh's good innings. Now I can see what the love is about. He looked very good.


Cricket Spectator
Good knock under pressure by Marsh, hope he doesn't make a string of sub-20 scores for the rest of the series. Cummins needs to be promoted asap, can stonewall as well as play proper cricket shots, wouldn't want him to be at 9 with the 2 bunnies to come. England have Ali at 6, India have Ashwin at 6, the Kiwis have Santner at 6, so why is Cummins at 9? Anyway, Pommies look beaten already, hope they put up a fight and don't just collapse under lights.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
If Shaun Marsh were to play test cricket for another 3 years and finish with say 60 tests and an average of around 45, I'd still rank him as an under-achiever considering his ball striking talent


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Subject to fitness, Patty to captain Australia one day

Has the ability to be another Imran albeit a waaaaaay better fielder


Cricketer Of The Year
Cummins has 7 new high scores. Him and Lakmal could be in for a real battle.
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likes this
If the first match was a 10-9 round for the selectors Vs the Fans, this second match is shaping up to be a 10-7.

If Vince tons up in the second innings we may see a stoppage