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NZC Chief: 'A typical tour will be two Test matches', WI test dropped.


Whatever it takes!!!
Here's another doozy from Cricbuzz

Making it look like an afterthought with by making the series so short (an potentially weather affected) will definitely help here... not. It's this sort thoughts vs actions stupidity that will kill test cricket in the end. Younger generation won't watch it if it's never on.

What an idiot.
Yea exactly. When people make these statements I wonder if they're actually even asking youngsters why they don't watch cricket.

I guarantee you 9/10 times it will be just because other sports are far more accessible. More coverage on free TV and internet. Cheaper tickets. Easier to find a club to go play for.

Cricket is already hard enough to get in to because it's a slow complex sport. It's further isolating itself from fans by putting it behind paywalls and making it inaccessible. To then go ahead and claim something needs to change in cricket or that we need more T20s because the youngsters are 'just not interested' is such backwards logic.

And then you hope over the pond and see one of the best team's in the world refuse to tour a nation of 160 million cricket fans just because they don't care enough. Urgh.
I wanted to say something about how saying they want context and then organizing 2 test series is such a stupid Quixotic move. But SteveNZ has done that better than I can ever. :)

The BCCI is doing pretty much the same thing for our schedule for the remainder of the year. India are playing 20 LoIs in the next 2 months and it's likely that they're going to cut a test from the SA tour.

Although we are getting 3 home tests vs SL so there's that.
Nah.. we are getting 3 tests when we were supposed to get none. They are reducing a test. Not that it all makes sense but BCCI knows one of the easiest ways to ensure they fulfill their contractual obligation of # of days of international cricket is by scheduling a few tests. I just hope we get one more tour before this SL Independence Trophy or whatever we are playing there. And hopefully we can get the full test tour of RSA with 4 tests. I would not mind not playing any LO at all this time if it means we get a proper 4 test series. (lol @ 4 tests being a proper series these days. 3 or 5 would be the best, but 4 is better than 3 I guess.)


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Boards definitely need to get on the D/N test train. All 3 tests so far have been extremely entertaining. No idea why bcci hasn't tried cashing in yet.

straw man

International Coach
David White is a ****ing pleb. What is killing Test cricket is the nimrods who administer the game, and their 'it's breaking, so we'll throw it out' defeatist mentality. Hey Test cricket is dying, it 'needs context' let's make it a two-match series to give it even less context and relevance.

What will 'save' Test cricket is strong governance and leadership to ensure it keeps its place in the international game. And if the other formats have to prop it up, so be it. If two of every 3 Tests has to be a D/N, so be it. Unfortunately we have idiots at the wheel.

The context thing gets me the most. It's such a bull**** throwaway incorrect line. Test cricket has massive context on an individual basis, a team basis, a Test basis, a series basis. Statistics, both individual and collective, have massive context. Winning Test matches is a significant achievement with context. Winning series', especially overseas or against major nations, has significant context. Two Test series in fact dull this context. 1-all after two matches? IT'S A DRAW PEOPLE! CONTEXT!

Anyone here think they'll give a **** about a Test championship? Such an administrator idea. I've never met a fan interested, be it passionate or casual. The 'context' will continue to be around the Ashes, Border/Gavaskar, and when major nations ie India v SA, Eng v SA, India v Pakistan happen (or to us as NZers, us v England or Australia). And I know as fans we get excited about any Test series win (not so much Sri Lanka, Bangladesh but the rest).
I agree, and especially with the bolded. The dishonesty really gets me.

Would even go a step further, pushing out test cricket is not defeatism as that implies you value it and think it worthwhile, which David White and the top NZC people clearly don't. It's more like '[test cricket] is not breaking fast enough, so we'll break it ourselves' imo.

straw man

International Coach
Lol, and now announced we're touring India late this year for 3 more ODIs and 3 more T20s, making it 29(!) for the summer.

Surely if money is the concern then this is the one that pays the bills, so you wouldn't need so many super-extended limited overs series at home, and could fit in more test cricket (if you cared to).


International Debutant
While this is not the greatest of news, I’ll do a contrarian take because ‘Test Cricket is dying’ is such a relentless mindset amongst fans and media since forever that it needs to be combated on occasion.

Firstly, having a glance through NZ’s home Test record they’ve never been one to play a lot of Tests each home season as the likes of Australia and especially England have. Quite regularly they’ve played 3-4 Tests in a home season this century and this isn’t a drastic change. Australia on its last two NZ tours have only played 2 Tests.

And with two new Test teams coming in, one of the consequences if you’re going to treat them seriously is play them and that means rationing out the length of series. So I can see where NZ cricket admin is coming from on that front.


Whatever it takes!!!
I seriously do think they should do 3 tests against either Pak or Windies and play 5 home tests at the very least. The LO games against India should give them enough money to make it happen.


Cricketer Of The Year
do the nzcb make any money from hosting tests?
Yeah they can make tens of millions from hosting India in any form of cricket tour these days. India's economic rise will only make the other tours closer to reaching break-even, even though our playing hours aren't ideal for an Asian audience. Sadly this just tempts the agribusinessmen at NZC to push their 'from beneath you...' agenda even harder on us.

It's like a caretakers of a bird sanctuary using the sheer newfound profitability of it all to tear down the predator-proof fence, under the rationale that tourists are going to find the newly arriving rabbits and possums to be up to 52% more accessible for selfies, and also up 74% more aggressive and entertaining, than our trite and relentless downer of a tale regarding dowdy flightless birds and prehistoric lizards. Vox populi, vox dei.


Not sure I'll bother watching. ODIs to me are just world cup practice and 4 tests in 18 months is even more pointless than just admitting you're a whore and dropping all pretense.

David White is the early season Warriors of sports administration. Should have been hung, drawn and quartered years ago for his role in making the captaincy saga a million times worse, never mind his governance since.
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It's obviously very important to these people to make NZ increasingly less and less relevant to world cricket


Hall of Fame Member
In fairness, it's not like they're high in those stakes anyway.

I wonder if we'll have what teams used to do back in the fifties and sixties, a proper tour of Australia followed by a brief one of NZ.

straw man

International Coach
Yeah apparently White wants to 'save' test cricket by advocating for four-day tests, minimising and pushing test cricket to the sidelines of the season and reducing the domestic FC season. I think we could do without that kind of saving thanks.


International Captain
Find a way to get rid of this David White guy.
We'd love to. He's a ****ing cancer on our national game. Awful, AWFUL at his job.

Unfortunately, he hasn't done anything massively headline-worthy as far as the media is concerned. Hence why he is still employed 5 years on.

If Test cricket is this patient on life support that we're led to believe...Dr David has chosen to pull the plug out for a period of time, and may stick it back in some time in the future to see if they're still alive. And in the mean time, sent out a press release that we are committed to the health of said patient, even though the plug has been yanked.


International Coach
Watching the video linked above, that first class structure idea is an embarrassment. I think England players play slightly too much FC cricket but my god that is so little